Column foam guard

Column sections: square, rectangular

Internal dimensions: according to the order

Standard height: 2m

Material: PE foam + PVC surface

Fastening: Velcro fastener

Protection thickness: 50mm


Possibility of making any size on request.


Velcro fastener allows easy installation
Possibility to produce for any column size

Column foam guard

In warehouses with limited circulation space and many freestanding columns, electric pallet truck operators are often at risk of bruising and scuffing against the columns while driving or manoeuvring too close to them.

The flexible column guards are made of foam and fit snugly around the columns. Upon impact, the flexible foam material deflects and absorbs the kinetic energy to prevent any mechanical injury of the operator.


How are column foam guards made? 

The column foam guards can be fabricated to any size for a precise fit to the guarded structural component. The special design of the guards makes their outer dimensions relatively small not to occupy too much of the valuable storage area, while providing excellent shock absorption performance.


Installing a flexible foam guard on a column

The foam guards are easy to install, and the process can be done by one individual, without any intervention into the column structure or the floor.  The yellow colour added to the foam guards in the production process makes the guarded columns visible from far away, further reducing the risk of collision.