BS type column guard

Column cross-sections: square, round, I-section

Column dimensions: from150 x 150 mm to 406 x 406 mm

Material: MDPE, colour: warning yellow – perfectly visible

Design: 2 modules assembled together using durable belts with ratchet clamps preventing their unfastening at impact

Guard outside dimensions: height 1,045 mm x width 650 mm


Option to adjust the guard to intermediate column sizes by means of inserts and mounting a half of a guard a column.

Collision tests: 2.5 tonnes at 11 km/h

Product advantages

Easy installation
Quick installation without sophisticated tools and specialised installation teams
Low maintenance costs
No corrosion, scratches and repainting. Repeated impact absorption without replacing guards
Flooring protection
Guards are not fixed to the flooring preventing it from damage in the event of collisions with guarded columns
Modular design
Adjustable to various column sizes. Guards can overlap up to the required height


Durable clamping belts with ratchet clamps
Lower recess concealing column footing with anchors